Announcement: We’re Section Hiking the PCT in 2021!

Have you set goals for 2021? There has been a lot amount of positives this year, and I would love to thank all the inspiring, supportive, and uplifting Comunidad out there!

Thanks to y’all, I would like to announce the Trail Pirates are back.

What does that mean?
After camping & hiking for every weekend, we decided in 2021, we want to complete what we started from the PCT in 2017.

¿Que es el PCT?
The Pacific Crest Trail is 2,650 miles, and it starts from the border from Mexico/California and goes up to the Washington/Canadian Border.

Let’s Rewind:
In 2017, we completed almost 2300 miles. We missed out from Kearsage Pass to Echo Lake, which is 300 miles. Additionally, we want to visit WA, touch the monument to make everything official. That’s the challenging part, to incorporate both goals.

Yes, it is our Goals – BUT everything can change next year. It will be all relevant to current events, La Nina, the amount of time we can take off, and daily hiking distance.

Our PCT Daily Mileage: we hiked 26-28 miles every day and only took neros. We hiked 800+ miles without taking one full day off.

Note: We are not “fast” thru-hikers since we backpack under 3MPH. We believe in slow and steady with strategic planning.

Steps We Had Already Taken:⠀
Determined what gear we need to replace.
Decided where we want to start: Kearsage Pass
Looked up the date to apply for our Inyo National Forest section hike permit.
Set a goal time-frame

Looking forward to sharing our journey and how we will prepare for this section hike! It takes months to plan it out, which is why we decided to start planning now.

Except weekly live updates, we want you to feel you can plan and do it too. Have any questions? Or comment on what you would like to learn from our prep!

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