Backpacker/Outside Magazine Feature

Backpacker Feature

I couldn’t believe my eyes when a friend told me (@outsidewithv) messaged me that we made it. Then again, I have been pouring my heart and soul into educational content creation for the outdoors since the pandemic started. I am happy my content is getting recognized and appreciated.

As a creative-at-heart and media strategist by day: every day I think, “how can I create educational, relatable content that people would enjoy and feel empowered to go outside”.

It’s challenging. Every day I try to think about “what else can I do? There’s always something I can do.” Part of it was finding my voice.

What’s silly is that I know it’s important to be authentic and establish a voice with weekly themes- but I didn’t apply for it the outdoors. For years, I tried to conform and assimilate. That’s the content people liked, and it is what was shared. But it’s not me.

Last year, I took a leap of faith and went in a different direction. It never felt so right, and I hope my content resonates with those interested in getting into backpacking or hiking and cannot relate to anyone else. That’s how I felt a long time ago.

Part of it is embracing weightlifting (it’s part of my backpacking training), femininity, and culture. Fun fact: my favorite outfit includes my purple workout pants and red lipstick. I love feeling like Selena on the trail, it’s empowering to me, and my confidence + happiness shines.

So happy to be featured. I want to thank Gabaccia Moreno for writing this article and compiling this fantastic list of diverse backpackers to follow on Instagram.

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