Backpacking Information Session: Sunol Regional Wilderness

Do you want to backpack Sunol Wilderness or maybe from Livermore to Mission Peak? It’s 28 miles. Doable in 2-3 days. Best time to hike it is in the Spring, and it’s a good time to get a taste of the trail and be familiar with the area.

Do you have gear questions? Maybe you need gear, the process, and how to prep, or maybe you want to find friends to go with.

There’s a backpacking trip at Sunol on Saturday, February 11th, and we will go over that and how to prep for that! There are requirements if you want to backpack it. Make sure apply you East Bay Regional Permit by the trip.

Until then, let’s go over what we will go over.

What We Will Go Over in 60 minutes

  1. Introduction and getting to know one another
  2. Permits
  3. Gear
  4. Training
  5. The trail we will take
  6. Process Planning this Trip and How You Can
  7. Scouting the Trail, want to join?
  8. How to use this as a guide to planning backpacking trips, and this is my template on how I am planning a future 28-mile hike from Livermore to Mission Peak, which you can plan with me too!
  9. Live Q&A

Let me know if you have any questions, and I will host informational sessions monthly and hope you can join. We will figure out the best day and times.

Below is a map of the potential route we can take.

Feel free to comment if you prefer a day or time to meet.

Thanks, and see you soon! Remember to leave no trace and leave it better than you found it.

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