Product Review: BC Strength Wedge

Product Review:
BC Strength Wedge

December 2019

Had the intention of improving my squat depth and form since I deal with knee valgus, which my squat has improved since my purchased. It’s nothing fancy but it does the job. Perks: It’s 20 inches, and it’s wonderful for tall people who need the entire 20 inches.

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The BC Strength Wedge is a versatile, lightweight training accessory that can be used for a wide range of exercises. We use the BC Strength Wedge at Glute Lab, specifically when performing exercises like Goblet Squats, Back Squats and Front Squats. The BC Strength Wedge can be used to increase comfort, enable a more upright torso and discourage excessive forward lean when performing these exercises.

  • Made in the USA
  • Made from strong, yet lightweight, Crosslinked Polyethylene
  • Measures 20 inches long, 2 inches tall and 6 inches wide

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