• Sanborn County Park: Hiking Horns

    Date: Sunday, October 16 Where: Sanborn County Park (Saratoga)Time: 9:30amDistance: 4 milesElevation: 1282ft (2 miles of uphill)Difficulty: Moderate (intermediate), there is uphill, so be prepared to get a good workout along the wayTrail: Peterson Memorial Trail, San Andreas Trail, Sanborn TrailRoute is Counter Clockwise so we can do the uphill first.Weather: Average 49/76, and it…

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    Fill out your information, and let me know what you’re interested, I will keep you in the loop. Hope to meet you on the trail!

  • My Heritage is Not a Problem in the Outdoors.

    My Heritage is Not a Problem in the Outdoors.

    My heritage is not a problem in the outdoors.

  • Backpacker/Outside Magazine Feature

    Backpacker/Outside Magazine Feature

    Backpacker Magazine Feature: 8 Diverse Backpackers You Need to Follow on Instagram

  • Conde Nest Traveler

    Conde Nest Traveler

    Conde Nest Travelers contacted me about backpacks that I recommended. https://www.cntraveler.com/gallery/hiking-backpacks-for-women

  • Featured Instagram Posts

    Featured Instagram Posts

    I’ve been featured on several popular Instagram accounts ranging up to 300k Followers. Notable Accounts: Women Who Explore, Women Who Hike, Melanin Basecamp, Honey Stinger, Garage Grown Gear, The Luz Collective, and more. Send me an email if you are interested in collaborating or you can request my media kit.

  • Conquering Fears

    Conquering Fears

    The look of excitement for conquering my fears! Today I went for a 90-minute walk that includes crossing a river. Stephen has been bugging me to conquer my fears and crossed it. Today I did it, and of course, I did it solo. 🤷🏽‍♀️💪. Woohoo! TBH it was easy. I have been a chicken the…