Colorful or Flashy On The Trail? I Call it Being Smart and Safe!

Doing anything alone as a woman can be intimidating. Heck, I just went grocery shopping, and when I walked to the car, I freaked out, and I consistently looked to my left and right to make sure no one is following me.

Although I have grocery shopped my entire life, I still have that thought what if someone is watching me and wants to abduct me or rob me. It’s always a scary time for women, and there is more fear around the holidays since more people are out of jobs and are desperate.

So if you feel the jitters for everyday tasks like walking back to your car after an errand, you are not alone. And how can you not have the jitters when hiking solo? I get it all the time in the beginning; it is an instinct.

The one thing I realized that I always do, but I didn’t even know it is a smart tactic:

Dressing in vibrant colors and patterns.

Think about it, if you are wearing highlighter yellow, orange, or even purple pants. You will stand out amongst the neutrals in the great outdoors and everyone else who wears neutrals.


Not many outdoor retailers sell cute vibrant colors or patterns. So you are on your own to integrate it into your outdoor adventure. I use my workout clothes since they are ahead with the concept of being stylish, feminine, colorful while working out.

Pro: That is the reason if you wear something colorful or with a stylish pattern, you will stand out, and everyone will remember you.

When I Hike, I want to be easy to found and remembered. If anyone asks, did you see that girl in purple pants, colorful socks, and a hat? They will reply, yepppppp – she went that way. Or if there was an emergency, I could be spotted out immediately. When I visit Stephen’s work, he says I am the easiest person to spot out, which I LOVE.

That makes me happy, feel safer, and feel more confident. If I had learned anything about this year is that if I want to do more hikes, it will require solo hikes. To gain that confidence, motivation, and inspiration – I grab onto whatever I can to fuel my thirst for hikes. Dressing up in colorful clothing, which others may think is flashy, gives me the strength, confidence, and peace of mind that I need.

If you are holding yourself back on hikes, try wearing something vibrant, cute, stylish, and something that will make you stand out.

Don’t be surprised if this sense of confidence stems from your previous experience of mastering doing other everyday errands alone. You gathered the confidence one-way or another; you can do it by adventuring in the outdoors.

Lastly, one of the other best PROs ever – your pictures will look x1000 better amongst the grays, forest greens, blue water, etc. If you are in the snow, you are surrounded by white. Maybe the autumn leaves are gone, and leafless trees surround you. It is the perfect opportunity to get those colors in!

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