Conservation Tips

Who likes taking out the trash?

For the majority, it feels like a chore. It has to be taken out.

How do you expect others to feel when you accidentally lose your mask, toss out plastic water bottles to the side of the trail, grass, or road, lose tissue, snack wrappers, or orange peels.

I am sorry to burst anyone’s bubbles, but there are no trash fairies anywhere and in the great outdoors.

Parks, Preserves, and Open Spaces are not amusement parks or a family fun center. You have the responsibility to pack out your trash.

Now there is a pandemic, and it is more important than ever to ensure to Leave No Trace Behind. Do not leave your germs behind.

Here are 7 steps to help practice to leave no trace behind within the great outdoors.

💥Admit you are human.
💫We are prone to make mistakes, and we can be forgetful. It is in our nature.
💥Find a solution to put all your stuff in one place.
💫It can depend on the activity and duration.
💫Day-Backpacks, fanny packs, water belt, and spi belt are a few examples of how to store your stuff.
💫Wear the mask, don’t drop it.
💥Plan, Prepare, and know exactly what is in your pack.
💫Keep yourself accountable to pack it all out.
💫You packed it in, and you can pack it out.
💥Do self-checks to make sure you have everything.
💫Ex: stop and take something out of my pack.
💥Have a solution where to store your trash.
💫Keep it in a separate bag, like a reusable, resealable plastic bag.
💫Bury your trash deep within your backpack. Anything on top is bound to fly away.
💥Keep others accountable for their actions.
💫Remind others to pick up after themselves.
💫Educate others.
💫 Kindly remind them they lost their trash, or even if they go off the trail.
💥Leave it better than you found it. 🤗
💥Dog owners, pick up the poo!
💫wDog poop doesn’t decompose nearly as quickly as people think and it can carry diseases (especially if it’s also in a plastic bag). Reccommended by @TakenByMistral

Hopefully, these few tips can get you in a positive mindset to protect and preserve our land.

This land is our land. We have a social responsibility to keep it clean for us, family, friends, peers, and the future. We do want everyone to have the same opportunity to enjoy it as much as we do.

Do you have any other or tips or recommendations to better practice Leave No Trace Behind principle?

📍Alum Rock Park and Sierra Vista is Home to the Ohlone and Tamyen

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