Day Hike Guide: Pick Your Goal

Bookmark this post or take a screenshot of this guide to consider before going on a day hike. Please pick your goal and go hiking with an intention.

I want you to go on a hike and be successful. One factor is that it is important to decide the goal of your hike.


Are you new, rusty, experienced, or expert?
Are you familiar with the trail, park, and area?

For the Novice/Rusty/Chill Hiker:

If you are new or rusty, that is ok! Plan for you hike as you normally would (click here for details ), and plan for a set time limit.

The last thing you want is to get caught up with adventuring, taking pictures, soaking up the moment, only to realize you packed for 2-3 hours and now you are two hours into your hike and now you are starving and need more food and water.

Also, this could be a good tactic if you are arriving at a park before it closes. You don’t want to be hiking when a park is closed because no one will be around if something happens.

Experienced Hiker:

If you have the experience, you may be more inclined to hike towards a specific destination. Maybe you are more familiar with the park, trails, and know your exact pace. That’s awesome. Good for you!

If you feel as if you want to hit a destination or vista point and you are not an expert, maybe the park is brand new. It’s ok. That’s the importance of planning your hike the night before, downloading your maps, packing accordingly, and sticking to the route.

As long as you stay focused and stick to the route, you should be ok. Preparation is critical for success, and I want you to finish your hike based on whatever goal you want!


Lastly, please remember to leave LEAVE NO TRACE BEHIND and leave it better than you found it. Pack your trash. You brought it in, and you can take it out and properly dispose of it.

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