Diversify The Outdoors

One of the things I talk about before starting our adventure (hiking/camping) is diversity.

To follow up, on our hikes/camping trips, we pay close attention to see if there is diversity amongst hikers at the park. We rarely see any of our black brothers and sisters, thankfully the Latinx community is making more appearances, but it is still a small amount.

It’s frustrating because this land is our land. It is a sanctuary to step away from your home, internet, mobile devices, and to channel serenity and peace.

As a result, we recognize that being immersed with the great outdoors is a privilege if the visitors do not reflect the diversity of the surrounding area’s population.

I hope with these questions, I will put something together to encourage POC to step outside and unplug. We need to let ourselves heal, and mother nature is one of the best places to do so.

I’ve been thinking about what are the reasons the crowds are disproportionate. These are a few I came up with the top of mind the reasons POC do not hike or camp:

  • Too busy
  • Work
  • Access
  • Fearful driving to a park because sometimes it can be a bit scary
  • Does not feel educated enough about the outdoors (includes being afraid of getting lost)
  • Does not have the gear
  • No hiking partners (doesn’t want to go solo)
  • No desire

What would help you spend more time with the great outdoors?

  • Closer Proximity
  • Guide / Someone to give recommendations + tips
  • Educational Resources
  • Proper Gear
  • A buddy to keep you accountable

If you have any other feedback about the lack of diversity in the great outdoors, please comment or email me.

I will a series of blog posts encouraging others to hike. There are no limits as long as you have food, water, backpack to hold water & food, and shoes with traction (running shoes are ok!).





Lastly, please remember to leave LEAVE NO TRACE BEHIND and leave it better than you found it. Pack your trash. You brought it in, and you can take it out and properly dispose of it.

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