Product Review: Lebert Equalizer Total Body Strengthener XL

Product Review:
Lebert Equalizer Total Body Strengthener XL

This is one of my favorite pieces of equipment. I purchased this on May 2, 2018 and it is the same bars featured. Greats work for me who is 5’10 and boyfriend who is 6’3. We use it for dips, knee & leg raises, inverted rows, stretches, l-sits.

Recently we discovered it is good to use one bar to sit on for leg extensions, and it is a great make-shift squat rack. Of course be mindful of the weight capacity, which is 400 lbs. We love it and it feels like we have a mini jungle gym equipment for our home-gym in our small apartment.


Website Description:
Simple, portable, yet multi-purpose bodyweight strength training equipment offers endless exercise options helping to strengthen your core, build lean muscle and burn fat

This high-quality functional fitness dip stand station with stabilizing challenger bars is perfect for full body bodyweight resistance exercises such as dips, push and pull ups, L-sits, knee and leg raises, stretches and more

Extremely versatile, stable, lightweight, portable and easy to assemble, stack and store – 31″H x 25″W (3″ taller than standard EQualizer bars and ideal for anyone taller than 6’1″)

Each stainless steel bar features a durable solid foam grip to increase friction and minimize hand and arm fatigue for a superior grip and weighs 8 pounds each and supports up to 400 pounds

(2) Black EQualizer XL bars and an instructional DVD to get you started!

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