Product Review: BC Strength Glute Bench

Product Review:
BC Strength Glute Bench

Purchased the Small and Large because I was unsure what will work best since it just relatively new. My favorite is the “Large” since I am 5’10 and it’s more versatile for me and including my boyfriend who is 6’3 and 220lbs.

I made a mistake on my video, and now realized you can purchase the Large size separately, which I highly recommend. You can use it as a bench for bench press, one-armed rows, lunges, etc.

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The small sized Glute Bench is 24 inches long, 12 inches tall and weighs 7lbs, and the large sized Glute Bench is 36 inches long, 14 inches tall and weighs 18lbs.

The Large sized Glute Bench is better suited to taller individuals (over 5 foot, 8 inches) or those with a longer torso in relation to their total height.

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