Gone Fishing

We celebrated Stephen’s birthday by fishing Sunday and Monday. I am not a fisherman. During this pandemic, now I understand fishing. Being outside of 10a-4:30pm was fantastic. Anything scenery change from our tiny apartment is terrific, but to have the ocean view and to hang out in bliss. And it is ok to be by your bench and spot of choice at the pier.

I wanted to clarify that fishing is considered an essential activity where we live. As soon as we received confirmation – we were on the pier the next day. What a day! I did errands and made us sandwiches in between. Because what is more American than sandwiches and fishing?

I caught a mackerel! It was such a cute small fish. We had cut it open and gave it to our furball because he loves fresh fish. Of course, I had to do a fish face for this fish!

I wish I had more words for Sunday’s adventures. Stephen stayed longer outside, and he came back dehydrated. That sun is a silent killer. I gave him Nuun Sport and made food. Boom, he came back to life.

The next day we went out again, but first, we did a few errands and worked out. After lunch, Stephen left the apartment, and I stayed behind for one hour since I had some work to do.

He wanted to celebrate the rest of the day fishing, and he was more than determined to catch halibut. That day was a strange one because many people were catching massive fish from the pier.

After I finished my work, I grabbed my camera, water canteen, backpack, and left. About 5-minutes into meeting Stephen, I started fishing. Stephen wanted to teach me how to use the pole and all of a sudden he felt this tug and bam 10-minutes later:

I didn’t realize the extent of the process of catching a big ol’ fish like this halibut. There is a guy who works with kids with disabilities. He hangs out fishing and has a net in case others need help to catch a big fish.

I called over the guy and kid, and they went to help Stephen with the net. What a process. His fish came over the length limit and was 23 inches. The meat inside weighs about 40oz.

What an incredible two days. Later another guy caught a big ol’ halibut that was 3x that size. That was his 3rd catch, and he was at his limit. Wow.

Due to the Shelter-In-Place, the launching ramps have been closed, and piers have been closed. Therefore the fish had time to have babies and grow. As a result, it’s a good fishing season right now.

Seeing the fishing community pull together to help each other has put a soft spot in my heart, and now I appreciate it ten-fold. I had forgotten to mention, the locals on the pier were giving each other advice on how to catch halibut, and whoever caught one did that trick. It worked for Stephen, so that’s awesome.

In all, I wanted to give my appreciation for fishing and the fishing community. You all are awesome, and I’ll be back with Stephen.

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