Hike Your Own Hike

Hike your own hike! HYOH!

Remember that phrase, and etch to your brain. We were taught this phrase on the PCT, which didn’t seem like a valuable tip before we started hiking 100+miles.

It was the best piece of advice we received for the PCT and all hikes. It’s so easy to get in your head that it’s a competition out there, and you are not hiking fast enough or far enough.

It’s crucial to remember hiking is not a race. 

I’d recommend evaluating and setting your adventure goal before you step outside of your home. Stick with it.

For hiking: my primary goal is to reconnect with nature. My secondary goal is to get to a destination and get back within a reasonable time before it gets dark or before I get hangry or run out of water.

If you had noticed, my primary goal is to free myself from technology mentally, a clock, place, or caring what others think. 

As a former runner and competitive person, I have to set these goals; otherwise, I would get into race mode. Often I felt like I was running away from my problems instead of focusing on the present and facing my current thoughts.

Don’t fall for the trap and hike your own hike. Hiking can be something beautiful. I feel as if I am an artist paving my way through mother earth.

One of my favorite quotes:

“A race is a work of art that people can look at and be affected in as many ways they’re capable of understanding. Some people create with words or with music or with a brush and paints. I like to make something beautiful when I run.” -Steve Prefontaine

I loved this quote for running, and now I often thinking about when I hike. On top of it all, I feel like there is an art to slowing down and reconnecting with nature. 

My HYOH experience: I feel it in my bones when I feel one with nature. Animals don’t see me as a threat, and they continue living their life. As people pass by when I am taking a long break, we’re waving to one another. Some say hi, some ask me questions for help, and sometimes ask why I am so happy and start a conversation. I call that art and a masterpiece, which came from hiking my own hike. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Boom! Does that want to make you hike your own hike?
Own it. Live it. Experience it.

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  1. Yes! I agree! It is so easy to get caught up when you’re doing a multi-day hike and lose track of why you’re really there. I have found myself racing to pack up and leave in the morning to start before other hikers, or even become frustrated when I need to take more breaks than usual. It is a much more enjoyable experience when you listen to your body, appreciate what is around you, and go at a comfortable to you pace!

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