Hi everyone,

My name is Heather Diaz. Soy Mexicana and I’m am a first-generation American. I’m 31, turning 32 in a few months. Born and raised in Houston, Texas. Now residing in Santa Cruz.

What makes me different?
I’m 5’10 and 150ish lbs with a natural broad back, born with a pancake butt, skinny legs, and all the fat stores in my stomach first. I’m trying to grow baby quads and that butt so I can get that hour glass figure, and pouche down, which I had never had in my 20’s.

I hope that my perspective, upbringing, and life journey can bring relatable content. I’m frustrated with the same type of content that is getting pushed with the same people. I’m naturally charismatic and love getting people together. Hope to use my talents and push content females and POC can relate.

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