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How to Plan the Perfect Park Visit in 2022.

Tuesday 11/30 5:30pm PST


In one hour, steal my strategies to go from uncertainty to filling your calendar with exciting adventures! Learn the secret behind-the-scenes efforts that no one shares to make your upcoming travel awesome and memorable!

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You’re tired of the time spent going through all the fluff and feel exhausted looking at endless resources.
  • You want the perfect adventure and do it in the RIGHT way but you don’t want to waste time.
  • You dream taking your outdoor adventures to the next level but don’t know how to start.
  • You feel like you have no set plan, sub-par confidence, and are spinning your wheels wondering when you will put all your plans on paper.

Then you’re going to want to sign up for this masterclass!


  • Help you get a positive mindset to be quick to adapt while traveling
  • Breaking down the various types of park agencies
  • Busting Myths
  • Gear 101
  • Leave No Trace Principles
  • Q&A
  • And More!


  • Novice Hikers, Backpackers, Campers
  • Those who need a refresher crash course
  • First-Timers
  • Future Explorers & Adventurers

Hi, I’m Heather

Hi, I’m Heather!
Born and raised in Houston, experienced long-distance runner of 20+ years, pan dulce addict, and outdoor recreation enthusiast.

When my work hours decreased due to the pandemic, I was inspired to focus on helping even the most novice women outdoor enthusiasts feel included and empowered.

Why? Because I know what it’s like to see other people growing and chasing their adventure dreams but do not know how to exactly begin or who to ask for help.

Planning a backpacking trip can be daunting, intimidating, and may seem a bit ridiculous. It might take a lot, like a lot of planning.

Tuesday 11/30 5:30pm PST


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