About Open Spaces

Stephen and I discussed where would be the best place to go on a solo hike. Visiting an Open Space was on top of the list.

It is maintained regularly, and I always feel the safest as a Latina Solo Hiker.

More Wins:
The trails are usually wide, and the maps are easier to read.

Have you heard of the term “Open Spaces”?

Fun Facts:
The Bay Area has an abundant amount of Open Spaces to visit.

Open Spaces exist to protect, preserve undeveloped land, and restore to its natural state. They help their local ecosystem, and depending on the location, they can partner with ranchers to use conservation grazing as a land management tool. Lastly, they provide an abundant amount of nature education! Check out their website how each open space agency operates. My favorite agency is @open_space_authority, which is featured in this cover photo.

Doesn’t that sound awesome? Best of all, Open Spaces are free to the public.

Since it is a preserve, it’s the one place you are more likely to see wildlife since it is their home. It is also the one place you don’t want to go off-trail. I have seen a baby mountain lion walking off-trail at Midpen.

If you live in an area with it or plan to visit, I recommend checking it out. In the Bay Area there are multiple agencies. Ex: East Bay Regional Park District, Midpeninsula Regional Open Space, Marin County Parks & Open Space, and Open Space Authority.

Also, be sure to check out nature preserves (some call it NAP), county parks, and city parks. Give them a try when you see it listed.

Give all of them a chance, and despite it may not be a well-known park per the Instagram World, it could equally be just as good or better experience depending on your goal.

For me, it’s spending quality time outside and feeling safe. So Open Spaces are my go-to for this solo hiker.

What’s your favorite Open Space, City or County Park?

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