Outdoor Backpacking System

Backpacking System

The Outdoor Backpacking System is your roadmap to be the boss of your next backpacking adventure all without expensive gear, wasted time, and solutions that don’t work. Public Launch is on Wednesday, December 1st. Missed out on the early bird special? Sign up for my free Masterclass, hint: there is an opportunity to secure the discount if you attend.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You feel you lack the expertise or resources
  • You don’t have the time to plan
  • Your fears or insecurities take the wheel
  • The planning process sounds overwhelming
  • Backpacking is too expensive to look into

Would you believe me if I said to you there was an easier way to plan your first backpacking trip or thru-hiking trip WITHOUT all of the expensive gear and wasted time?

Stay tuned for more updates. Either sign up for my free Master Class (click for details) or sign up for my emails.

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