Outdoor Safety


Outdoor Safety

Safety and the Outdoors. I dug myself into a black hole with this topic, but it is a good one! I will break it down into a mini-series according to the five essential tips. Biggest Takeaway: On my IG story (small sample), 76% claimed this is a conversation they have with loved ones. 50% of… Read more Outdoor Safety

Safety and Adventuring Alone

Are you outside by yourself? Do you get scared? What do you do to protect yourself? I receive these questions until this day. What is the reason I receive these questions from strangers on the trail? Is it because I am female, Latina, or do I like out of place, or vulnerable? My first taste… Read more Safety and Adventuring Alone

Hydration Tips for the Heat

Who’s ready for the heatwave? 🥵 In the Bay Area, we’re expected to have rigorous heat from Friday – Wed. How do you prepare a hot hike? Here are a few tips! Start Early.💥Early like sunrise, and be finished before the afternoon.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Opt for a Night Hike.💥Depending on your location and bring a headlamp if… Read more Hydration Tips for the Heat

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