Product Review: Perfect Peach Barbell Pad

Product Review:
Perfect Peach Athletics Barbell Pad

I love this barbell pad and I purchased it in December 2018. My gym doesn’t have a sufficient barbell pad for 400lb hip thrusts. I read a bunch of reviews and this one stood out the most. I had felt no pain or. hip pressure for 450lb+ hip thrust! I do admit after numerous 400lb+ hip thrusts I started seeing dents and I do feel the pressure more. But I believe if anyone uses it for 400lbs, that will happen over time. Therefore I am still satiisfied with my product and will continue to use it until it wears out.

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🍑 A BARBELL PAD FOR GIRLS WITH STYLE – Tired of weight lifting equipment that was clearly designed for males? The Perfect Peach Squat Bar Pad was made for you! Bodybuilding isn’t just for the boys anymore. Women are taking over, and we were sick and tired of seeing fitness products everywhere that lacked style and femininity. Perfect Peach Premium Comfort Squat and Lunge Pad is made for girls who lift, by girls who lift!
🍑 SCULPT AND TONE WITH ULTIMATE COMFORT – The Perfect Peach barbell neck pad is constructed using soft, thick, and protective foam that makes booty-training much easier and more comfortable than ever before! You’ll no longer have to worry about adding weight to the barbell with fear that the weight will cause pain or hurt your hips or neck. You can finally train comfortably and make super-fast progress; which means super-fast gains!
🍑 HAVE THE LEAN BEACH BODY YOU’VE ALWAYS DREAMED OF – Leg day will never be the same. Make this year the year you take back your body, achieve your fitness goals, and look great doing it!
🍑 WORKS FOR ANY EXERCISE – Barbell squats, hip thrusters, lunges; the Perfect Peach Athletics Comfort Extra Thick Squat Bar Pad works for all your favorite glute and leg training exercises! Tired of the heavy weight barbell on the smith-machine digging into your neck? This soft foam pad support is the answer!
🍑 PROFESSIONAL DESIGN, PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION – Finally a squat sponge neck pad that is worth paying for! With our ergonomic, high-density, and anti-slip design, you can finally feel like your money was well-spent. Easily applied to any olympic-style barbell (99% of gym barbells are olympic-style, so this pad fits everything!), and even easier to remove when you want to. It is even small and compact enough to fit in your gym bag; so you can take it with you every time you train!

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