Below are my favorite type of everyday supplements and products I use. Thought to write it down in case anyone is interested what I take. I don’t use fat burners or anything unusual. I tried it all and it felt like a drug. I get addicted, and sometimes it made me feel worse. Sometimes it made me feel worse like I had withdrawals when I stop taking it. As soon as I was free from it, I felt 1000% better. For caffiene, I drink plain ol’ black coffee.


MusclePharm is what I use for creatine. There is not anything fancy about this product because the majority of all creatine is the same. I use MP’s protein powder thus I decided to try its creatine because it is relatively cheap, $10 or $9.37 with taxes through Amazon Subscription. It’s 60 servings, which is all I need. I had purchased other creatine, but this is my favorite because it is the cheapest. It doesn’t dissolve well, but that’s all creatine.

I tried Bulk Supplements, which is $20 and has like 400 servings. It worked out ok, it was more micro-like, but after a few weeks it turned bad and it became all chunky. I had to throw away the rest. Best to buy only what I need for $10, and it last two months.


Nuun Sport is my favorite choice of drink. It’s only 15 calories, and 2g of sugar. Best of all it’s eco-friendly and portable. There is no excuse to dehydrated. You can put it your purse or gym bag for when you’re on the go. There are several delicious flavors to choose and there is some with caffeine too. They use stevia, which is the reason it is low in calories and sugar while tasting so yummy.

Gatorade, which is a familiar name has 270mg of sodium, 75mg of potassium, 34g of sugar, 140 calories per serving. Nuun has 300mg of sodium, 150mg of potassium, 2g of sugar, and 15 calories per 16oz. Winner Winner, Chicken dinner!

My favorite flavors are strawberry lemonade, and fruit punch. It also saved me on the Pacific Crest Trail especially in the desert. When I was dehydrated I through in 2 tablets for 16oz. Best of all it’s lightweight and portable. I loved it so much I joined the events marketing team for the Monterey-Salinas-Santa Cruz DMA, I help out the Bay Area from time to time, and it’s my 4th year being an ambassador. Now that’s a true fan!

Protein Bites

Quest Nutrition Bars is my favorite choice of protein bites. It’s uses less than one gram of sugar, usually it’s around 20g of protein, less, ~4g of carbs, less than 10g of fat. With these low macros, it usually averages around 200-235 calories.

Con: the calories printed on the wrapper may be incorrect. Whenever I enter the macros (protein, carbs, fat) in my nutrition app, it comes out to max 235 calories. This happens, and it does happen with these quest bars.

The taste is phenomenal. Chocolate Sprinkled Doughnut, Cookies & Cream, Blueberry Muffin, Birthday Cake, and Chocolate Mocha Chocolate Chip are some of my favorite flavors.


MP Combat Protein Powder is my favorite choice of protein powder. It’s uses 2g sugar, 25g protein, less, 4g carbs, 1.5g fat. With these low macros, it comes out to 130 calories per serving.

Con: it has an unusual initial taste. I believe it is the Whey protein and low sugar combination. Additionally, I had switched from a vegetarian protein powder (Garden of Life) to whey protein. I enjoyed Garden of Life because it didn’t irritate my stomach and I had thought Whey messed with my stomach. Turns out all I needed was quality Whey Protein.

The two reasons I chose MusclePharm is the low cost and low calories. For 4 lbs and $40, you receive 52 servings. Garden of Life and other proteins are worth that same cost for half of the servings. Amazon subscription is the way to go because you get it up to 15% off, and it will be closer to around $30.


Nature’s Way Wellnesse Liquid Iron has been my go-to iron for years. I don’t recall the first interaction with this product because it feels like it has been more than 10 years.

Since 2003 I started my anemia battle. On-and-off it comes and goes. Since I am an active individual and always on the move, it is important to be on the higher end of hemoglobin level like the 14’s not in the 12’s, which I am frequently in. “Iron is essential for the production of hemoglobin, the protein that carries inhaled oxygen available available for muscle contraction; and helps produce oxygen.” – Ace Sports Nutrition

When iron is low, “the body makes less hemoglobin, and consequently less oxygen c and be delivered to working cells. Common symptoms is fatigue, poor work, performance, and decreased immunity. ” Ace Sports Nutrition

I’ve tried different types and brands. I respond best to liquid iron. This particular type tastes pretty good, it’s lower in calories because it is sugar-free, and it’s relatively cheap, $9 for 30 servings. Allegedly liquid iron better absorbs than pills, and I feel better more quickly with this product. I’m unsure it’s in my mind, regardless I enjoy feeling recharged with iron especially as a female.

Once I tried this other liquid iron and I believe I was allergic to an ingredient because I broke out everywhere surrounding my mouth. That is what typically happens when I eat something my body doesn’t like. Glad this tastes good, it’s cheap, and it doesn’t mess with my body, nor clogs it.

Source: ACE Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals, Foundation of Exercise Science, Natalie Digate Muth

Fish Oil

Wiley’s Finest Wild Alaskan Fish Oil Pills has recently been my fish oil pills as of the past year. I’ve used various brands for ten years and I’ve came to enjoy quality fish oil, and with a pill that isn’t the size of a golf-ball.

I can visible see the difference and taste the difference. There is minimal fishy taste and it is easy to swallow. The price is fair, which I acknowledge the higher quality of fish equals a higher price. Additionally it is EPA + DHA, which is great because it needs to be converted into those versus if it mostly ALA, it is unlikely to be optimally converted into PEA and DHA.

I’ve been taking fish oil pills because I do not eat fish often or nearly enough (8oz of fatty fish per week) therefore I do not intake sufficient Omega-3 fatty acids. It reduces blood-clotting, dilates blood vessels, reduces inflammation, and act to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Interesting fact, when I take fish oil pills my joints stop popping. More than likely it is the positive side effect of reducing inflammation. It feels as if it is the WD-40 for my joints, which is the primary reason I remember to take it. I don’t like the sound of my joints popping every time I do something.

Source: ACE Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals, Foundation of Exercise Science, Natalie Digate Muth


I’ve tried various magnesium and now I’m hooked onto Number One Nutrition Magnesium Complex. I use this mineral to improve my sleep quality. It quiets the nervous system thus allowing your body and mind to sleep and it allows my muscles to relax and be ready for the next day. It is 500mg per capsule, about $20, and there are 120 servings. It will last for 4 months for $20. That’s a good deal! Other things that stood out was it was GMO-friendly, vegan, and FDA approved.

Scientific Breakdown: Magnesium important for bone mineralization protein production, muscle contraction, nerve conduction, enzyme function, and healthy teeth. It can be found in nuts, legumes, whole grains, dark green leafy veggies, and milk. Controversially, high intakes of calcium, protein, vitamin D, and alcohol increase the body’s magnesium requirements. Magnesium deficiency is very rare, but the elderly may experience a magnesium deficit to due depletion as well as insufficient intake. – ACE Sports Nutrition for Health Professionals, Foundation of Exercise Science, Natalie Digate Muth

There are other benefits from Magnesium but it can be seen a result of quality sleep and muscle relaxation. Such as it’s good for your mental health, anxiety, depression, etc, because those problems derived from lack of sleep. So keep it in mind when reading all the benefits from the label.

I wouldn’t take my type initially because it has 500mg of magnesium. I’d recommend sticking to 350mg or under. There are various side effects such as nausea, cramps, or diarrhea. For myself, it feels as if it is a diuretic and it makes me urinate in the middle of the night. My stomach is flat in the morning but I wake up dehyrated. Therefore make sure to drink lots of water!

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