Sanborn County Park: Hiking Horns

Date: Sunday, October 16

Where: Sanborn County Park (Saratoga)
Time: 9:30am
Distance: 4 miles
Elevation: 1282ft (2 miles of uphill)
Difficulty: Moderate (intermediate), there is uphill, so be prepared to get a good workout along the way
Trail: Peterson Memorial Trail, San Andreas Trail, Sanborn Trail
Route is Counter Clockwise so we can do the uphill first.
Weather: Average 49/76, and it usually feels colder in the redwoods
Pet-friendly: yes, must be on leash

930am: Arrive at the 2nd furtherest parking lot from the Pay Station ($6 for parking) 
Make sure to have cash in case they cannot take card.
9:45am: Promptly start hiking on Peterson Memorial Trail (.5 miles)
Continue onto San Andreas Trail
Expect 1000ft in elevation for 2 miles
There are not much views but it’s a beautiful and scenic hike
Take left onto Sanborn Trail
Hike Back towards the parking lot
12pm (approximately): End Hike

The hike should last 2-2.5 hours
Cell signal might be difficult to have, therefore, please plan to arrive on-time, and we will leave promptly at 9:45am If you arrive late, you can follow the route we plan to take and either catch up or meet at the end and have lunch together

12 -1pm Bring lunch and hang out near the picnic area and chat after the hike
I’ll bring my car camping stove and pot in case anyone would want some hot coffee or tea.


Where do we Park?
Park at the furtherest parking lot for cars. The last row is for RV’s only. Just remember the closest trailhead is called the “Walk-in Campground” Trail. It’s passed the Costanoan Group Area.

What should you wear?
We will be hiking in the redwoods (shade), and the sunrises at 7:18am. More than likely it will be chilly in the morning, and it will stay relatively chilly. It may be foggy due to the recent weather and rain. So Layer up!

  • Light Jacket and Layering is a must!
  • Usually I wear a Long Sleeve and a tank top underneath
  • Wear Breathable Clothing 
  • Trail Shoes or Boots (it might get muddy due to the rain during that week)
  • Face covering / buff for the bathrooms (if this pertains to you )

Other Gear

  • Backpack to store your stuff
  • 1 Liter of Water (32oz)
  • Snacks and/or Lunch
    • I will have Honey Stinger Protein Bars,
      Waffles, and Electrolytes to give
      but if you are not interested or 
      if you need more snacks, bring it!
  • Trekking Poles aren’t required, 
    but if you have it, why not? 
  • Stuff to leave in your car: extra water, sandals to change into after the hike, maybe extra layers, anything you can think that you might use after a hike

Are there restrooms?

Who do we contact for more questions relating to the hike?

I am interested! What are the next steps?
Reply and let us know you’re in!

Are there future hikes? (I cannot make it, or maybe this hike is too far a drive for me.)
Yes! Our next tentative date is Sunday, November 13th. We’re thinking to hike in the North Bay, if you’re interested let us know.

About the Hiking Horns Leader, Heather Woodson (Diaz)
Heather Woodson (Diaz) is a first-generation hiker from the suburbs of Houston who now lives in Morgan Hill. She has hiked over 2500 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail. Her goal is to help women feel included, prepared, and empowered in the outdoors by hosting group hikes and camping trips. Learn more at and also follow Heather on Instagram. “Hope to see you on the trail!” – Heather

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