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Product Review:
BC Strength T-Bell

It’s one of my favorite weight lifting tools. I love the newer model because it is lighter, easier to pack in my backpack, and it has two different handles. The pin is sturdy and it would be difficult to come off. Best to leave it pinned when transporting. Additionally a new use: it’s great for transferring plates if you decide to pick up plates from the store.

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Glute Lab, specifically when performing elevated exercises like Straddle Lifts, Sumo Squats, Romanian Deadlifts and Bent Rows.

The BC Strength T-Bell can also be used for Sumo and Conventional Deadlifts.

The BC Strength T-Bell holds standard Olympic plates (inside diameter of 2″) and can also be used with resistance bands.

Made in the USA Made from High Strength ABS (tougher and more resistant than steel or aluminum)

400lb/181kg tested lift/load capacity
Main shaft is 1lb/0.45kg, neutral
Grip handle is 0.75lb/0.35kg and prone grip handle is 0.55lb/0.25kg.

Comes with 2 handle options (prone and neutral hand positions)
Ergonomic moulded handle designs assure optimum grip when lifting
Zinc coated high strength carbon steel selection pin (rated to 750lbs/340kg)
Main shaft fits all Olympic size weight plates (2″ inside diameter)
Light weight and easy to transport
Keyed shaft/handles makes for easy adjustments 5 starting positions with 2″ increments

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