Product Review: BC Thruster Bar Lite

Product Review: BC Strength Thruster Bar Lite

I love this bar for hip thrusts. It disperses the weight and it makes it easier to do hip thrusts. It fits perfect for the Thruster and Hip Thrust Bench. Hip thrusting has never been more fun and easy. I’d recommend purchasing this bar for hipthrusting.

I wouldn’t recommend purchasing this bar with the intention to use it for other lifts such as deadlifts, overhead press, back squats, and etc. We had used it since we are tall and have larger hands than the norm. Finally tall people issues are a win.

Additionally we are forced to use this bar for other lifts since we live in a small apartment and we cannot purchase a longer bar, nor we want to purchase a shorter bar at this exact moment. COVID-19 has limited us to purchase further equipment and we have to make use of what we have. The bar is wide and there is no grip, which makes it difficult to do other exercise unless you have big hands and have great forearm grip and is ok to develop forearm strength.

Once again, I don’t recommend using it for squats back of the width of the bar and no grip. Front squats with a light load does work and it’s hard AF.

Equipment Acquired:
September 2019

2019 Website Link:

Website Description:
Most standard collars/clamps do not fit the BC Strength Thruster Bar Lite, as is the case with most non-standard barbells. At Glute Lab we use a pair of 2 inch spring clamps, which work well as low cost alternative to purchasing specialized collars.

The BC Strength Thruster Bar Lite is specifically designed for the hip thrust exercise. Shorter and thicker than our standard Thruster Bar, the BC Strength Thruster Bar Lite spreads the load more effectively and makes for a more comfortable exercise. The length of the bar also allows your Hip Thrusts to be more stable, producing greater glute activation.

The BC Strength Thruster Bar Lite holds standard Olympic plates (inside diameter of 2″).
Please note that no weight plates are included with this purchase.
Made in the USA
1000 lbs. tested lifting capacity
Dimensions: 62 inches (L) 1.9 inches (diameter)
Adjustable collets, preset to 12 inches each side
Weight: 15 lbs.
Black textured powder paint with clear zinc adjustable collars

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