Transformation: February – April

I’m happy I can start blogging about my transformations without feeling insecure if I posted it on Instagram and Facebook. As a Latina, it is not very easy to post any revealing photos of your body. I can see my mom shaking if I publicly posted these pictures on Facebook. Oh, being a Latina. My issue is something white people will not have to understand, especially those who grew up with liberal parents.

Aside from that, this is my transformation from February to April. My weight remains relatively the same.

What were the changes within the past two months?
My calorie intake went from 3200+ daily calories to 2000-2500 daily calories. My exercise activity changed due to COVID19 and shelter-in-place. I used to bike 10 miles a day for work. I try my best to continue cycling 50+ miles a week to keep up with the same routine. I noticed I wasn’t moving as much. As a result, this week, I decided to go on more walks.

I could see that my body tightened up, especially my butt, since it is more round and reflects more of the hourglass figure. My waist seems smaller, and my upper body tightened up too. That all means that I lost some fat and gained muscle. Originally I wanted to lose weight, and I quickly realized that seems impossible as long as I am always near the kitchen when working from home.

Oh well. I’ll take this bulking figure and recomp. I’m better off losing weight in 8-weeks versus 16. My original plan was to lose weight in 16 weeks, but that seems too miserable right now. So recomp it is!

Looking forward to the next four weeks and I hope this recomp will be a pleasant surprise!

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