Wave to the Ocean

Long walks on the beach are therapeutic to my soul. Bike rides and weight lifting is fun but long walks have been more meaningful than ever. 

My significant other is an essential worker therefore I’m alone during the day. It doesn’t seem like an issue but it can get lonely. That is the reason I created a schedule to force myself to keep moving outside of cycling and weightlifting. 

My schedule: take 2-3 walks every day to see the sunshine and the ocean. Yesterday we both walked and waved back to the ocean after dinner. It was beautiful.

Thank goodness for being aware of my mental health and taking action. 

I’m open about it with my family and friends too. It’s good to be aware so you can make a plan, and take positive action. 

As a result. I’ve never felt so connected to my mind, body, and soul outside of the Pacific Creat Trail. It feels wonderful to be at peace, hopeful, and optimistic. 

Of course, not all days are good days and it is ok. Likewise, I am aware I am one of the few who are lucky. I have a job, I live by the beach, and I don’t have any children. Sometimes I feel as if I have a responsibility to create an inspiration or uplift the community. 

It’s challenging because I am not in other’s shoes but I can do my best to spread positivity and encouraging others to move safely for their own mental health and to boost their immunity. That is the least I can do to give back to the community with my limited resources.

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