Welcome December!

It’s a new month and a new week. It’s my favorite time to press reset and start fresh, especially after Thanksgiving.

What is the best way to approach the month after a few days or week of living life to the fullest? Start back where you had left off.

Be kind to yourself, and make it easy for yourself. Approach it in a healthy manner. Don’t overcompensate the indulging, workouts, hikes, and adventures. It doesn’t solve the long-term, creating, building, and sustaining good habits or routines.

If you want to take it one extra step and find more inspiration, dig deep and reflect on what has inspired you the most so you can finish 2020 strong. It is much easier to start back where you had left off from one week versus 4-6 weeks or more. So let’s keep the momentum going and keep all the gains + strength you had from 2020!

What techniques do you use to stay accountable and motivated? Below are three methods that keep me accountable and solutions to remain strong for the rest of the year.

  • Writing things down keeps me accountable.
    • Solution: Have a physical log of my workouts and progress. It has worked in the past, and I was able to hit several PRs. It’s like I am manifesting it to the world that I want to become a stronger hiker and backpacker.
  • Routine is my savior and keeps me in check and accountable.
    • Solution: Stay on top of my morning routine + workout, which allows me to make the most out of my day, and it includes preparing my protein shake, skin-care routine, + avoiding my phone until I am ready to work out.
  • Having an online schedule with email alerts allows me to carefully space out my goals and enable me to fulfill it.
    • Solution: Write down all the places I want to visit and schedule a hike on my calendar. Schedule a hike with Stephen on the calendar. Book that camping trip.
  • I love live music that makes me want to dance, and I miss it dearly.
    • Solution: Watch live music video performances make it my warmup, and it keeps me motivated during the entire workout.

Do you relate?

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