Writers Block

It has been more challenging to find the words and strength to write my blog, educating and encouraging POC to go outside and unplug. As a result, I have been reflecting more and talking more to friends and family as outlets.

We need to heal. It is crucial. Nature is one of the best places because it does not judge us by our skin color.

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s hike. I hope it will recharge and allow myself to heal so I can plow through 5 blog posts that I have written out in my journal.

Until then, I am looking back at my Pacific Crest Trail photos that I had never seen in three years. I love seeing myself doing things I had never thought I could do in the great outdoors.

Learning and taking advantage that this land is our land is liberating. Unplugging and being fearless outside is something I had never experienced. I grew up running because running is easy, cheap, and always a way to do. Just step outside and run.

Little did I know that I should have been taking advantage of the land my ancestors lived and explore.

Turns out I needed to pull my big girl panties up and do a severe amount of research and DO IT without looking back.

Until this day, when we go on a hike, I am studying the maps like crazy to be prepared as possible. My mindset, I am thinking, “I want to do this hike, and I will do it. Nothing will stop me”. It’s like an applicable real-life test, and if you to be successful, you have to study your ass off to be successful.

I want to share that with the world and encourage everyone to get up and moving! It’s our land.

TBH the reason for my writers block is that there has been an overwhelming about of content about racism online, and it gives me anxiety. What’s most frustrating is that there has been little content about mental health and healing, which is the reason I know I must fight this and write.

One irony is that May was “Mental Health Awareness Month,” and all the big brands were talking about it. Now we need to reinforce it more than never, and it has been a forgotten concept.

Well anyway, this felt like a rant that I didn’t know how to end. I am not apologizing for it either. One of things I learned is I need to be more unapologetic and not be ashamed for who I am, my thoughts, or emotions. <3





Lastly, please remember to leave LEAVE NO TRACE BEHIND and leave it better than you found it. Pack your trash. You brought it in, and you can take it out and properly dispose of it.

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